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We also have the ability to advise in private equity investment funds: the funds themselves; the investment manager/adviser; institutional and individual investors; financing entities; trustees; and related agencies. Our strategic partners have significant experience in structuring and organizing these funds, maintaining the day-to-day operations and providing tax advice for investors.

We can also handle a full range of financing issues involved in international projects, including full non-recourse, limited-recourse and corporate finance. We also have the ability to draft and settle credit and security documentation other related agreements.

We believe that a broad, diverse and complete commercial, bankruptcy and restructuring practice enhances and improves our ability to represent clients artistically and successfully in both transactional and litigation-oriented matters. Our resources and experience enables Abbott and Mourly to be a primary presence and force in the commercial arena and restructuring business and to bring additional value to the representation of our clients.

In addition, we represent trustees and other commercial corporate entities in transactions, restructuring, bankruptcy proceedings and high-level litigation as well as investors in troubled and bankrupt companies. Moreover, we also have the ability to represent debtors, boards of directors and shareholders.


Abbott and Mourly is able to advise Australian and foreign entities in all aspects of cross-border business and commerce.


In addition we have significant experience in international project finance, international tax, cross border litigation/arbitration, international intellectual property, cross-border mergers and acquisitions/ investments as well as international licensing and joint ventures. Abbott and Mourly is also developing a working relationship with a number of key legal firms internationally where our strategic partners will offer guidance on the regulation of foreign investment in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe and Asia, including compliance with and other federal and state restrictions on, foreign ownership, both domestically and internationally.

In addition Abbott and Mourly has the ability to negotiate structures and drafting of documents, corporate, securities, merger and acquisitions and financing transactions.We are also well conversant in related fields, including Tax, Trade Practices, Litigation, Property, Joint ventures, intellectual property protection and transfers.

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