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Our Services

Our mission is to simplify the process for you and your clients while still achieving incredible results to protect your client’s interest and assets. We cater to both individual and company situations of all shapes and sizes.

If you are seeking further assistance for estate planning, we recommend booking an appointment with Tony to begin the process.

Tax & SMSF

Abbott & Mourly Tax and SMSF practice provides comprehensive and detailed written advice in all most all aspects of income tax and SMSF structuring to clients across Australia.

Asset Protection

Structural advice regarding asset protection is one of our core specialities here at Abbott and Mourly. We are leaders in the field and assist a wide range of Professional Advisors to build compliant and quality systems and processes. 

Estate Planning

The main reason you need to plan your estate is to make sure your money and assets are inherited by the people you want to receive them. Another important reason is to make sure they attract as little tax as possible.

Succession Planning

Abbott and Mourly advise on matters of succession planning for some of Australia's leading Accounting firms. We work with business owners and corporates to manage the succession of senior level executives. 

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