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A Real Partnership between our Firms

For a long time accountants and financial planners have been referring work to lawyers for little or no reward and disappointing results.  This is more so the case where lawyers provide estate planning for clients that have NO asset or litigation protection - they do destructive estate planning not protective estate planning.

Enter Legal Back Office - powered by Abbott & Mourly Lawyers, is a new solution to an age old dynamic.  Your clients need Family Wealth Protection - you know them, you have their data and can manage them through a comprehensive family wealth protection plan, while Abbott and Mourly Lawyers know the law, the strategies and how to build a Moat around your client's Castle.  But instead of you giving us your client, we will be working together through LBO to deliver an incredible result for your client - both parties delivering on a set of tasks and results in true partnership fashion.  Net fees, after taking out any minor expenses, will be split on an even basis between your firm and LBO who will pay Abbott and Mourly Lawyers for their sign off.

How it works - a true partnership of resources

  • You send out Family Wealth Protection emails to client or new FWP Book

  • Meet with the client when they show interest and you may include us in the meeting

  • Complete initial fact find with the client around their family

Let’s Work Together

However as we must ensure the highest standards and turn around we are looking for those firms that want to make a real in-road into their clients delivering awesome Family Wealth Protection plans. So get in touch so we can start working together or contact Nush to book in a time to discuss -

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