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AM Lawyers build world first Crypto Trust for use by LightYear Docs

LightYear Docs has announced the world’s first ever Crypto Discretionary Trust on exclusive license from Abbott & Mourly Lawyers. “Although the cryptocurrency market has taken a hit we see a huge growth in blockchain.” said Ashleigh Jaremyn Director of LightYear Docs. “Blockchain is not just about crypto, but has grown to NFTs and we feel there will be a lot more investables coming from the blockchain.” Abbott & Mourly Lawyers’ Grant Abbott said, “Our Discretionary Trusts have extra built in asset protection and streaming of crypto and digital income and capital gains to family members, crypto profit companies plus an ability to deal with blockchains around the world that do not recognise trusts. As we head into the third wave of crypto and blockchain in the next decade having a s

olid foundation to rely on, will not only grow digital wealth but ensure it is for bloodline – another feature.” “This is a very exciting time and with our growth fostered by automation processing and moving into AI, to have a partner like Abbott & Mourly Lawyers who provide us with leading edge digital and legal products we can safely put our hands on our hearts and say LightYear Docs is lightyears ahead,” said Jaremyn, “And registering for an account is free and we have the exclusive right to for on-line delivery of the world’s first Crypto Trust for all digital, cryptocurrency, NFT and future blockchain businesses and investables.” The world first Crypto Discretionary Trust is available, along with 180 other legal documents, at

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